Hotel Ses Fotges

Thematic Meals

One of the things that helps us enjoy our vacation is good food. Having to cook is one of the daily activities that most bother many people. But who doesn’t like being served in the best manner? or who doesn’t enjoy tasting exquisite and exotic dishes that make us come out of our comfort zone and everydayness of our daily diet?

At the Ses Fotges Apartment Hotel the most important is make it feel our customers the best way possible, and as we know that the food is one of the facts that makes our vacations unforgettable, we’ve decided implement in our restaurant thematic dinners, so that you get out of your routine and prove dishes from different countries. Now you will have the pleasure of feeling in your palate the exotic of Mexican food, the variety of flavors of Asian food, the colorfulness of Mediterranean food and the freshness of the food of Mallorca.

All Thurdays and Fridays we have the pleasure to serve you a variety of dishes of different countries, bringing you the opportunity to prove different kind of food, flavors and know more about the culture of the other places.



  • Mexican Food: Mexican dishes are full of flavors and colors. Their food is a mix between the indigenous customs and that of their Spanish conquerors. The most ingredients that they use on this famous Latin gastronomy are: corn, beans, tomato, avocado and chili. This last one is one of the most characteristic, since without that spicy touch we would not have the typical Mexican food.Their most famous dishes known worldwide are: tortilla, burrito, enchiladas, tacos, nachos, mole poblano, ceviche, guacamole, chile relleno, quesadillas, chimichanga and gorditas.
  • Chinese Food: this is one of the most recognized foods worldwide and is popular for its variety of exotic ingredients and flavors. Besides being very rich in flavors, Chinese food is intimately related not only to society, but also to its philosophy, religious beliefs and medicine. Both in the kitchen, as their beliefs, the Chinese look for harmony and balance, in this case between the five basic tastes and sensations: sweet, salty, acid, bitter, spicy, cold and hot. In general, it is a kitchen very rich in flavors, very colorful, bold and exotic.


  • Mediterranean food: when we think of Mediterranean food, three indispensable taste are defined this kind of gastronomy: olive oil, bread and wine. We consider Mediterranean food to the typical dishes of Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. This gastronomy is full of a big variety of flavors, spices and different cultures, which makes this food more special and different. Giving us the pleasure of Mediterranean food can be one of the things that we enjoy the most, many of these foods are recognized worldwide as the most exquisite in the world.
  • Food of Mallorca: we could not pass under the table to the typical food of our local area. The gastronomy of Mallorca is based on the local ingredients of the area, which are mostly fish and seafood because it is an island, pork, olive oil, spices such as salt, pepper and guindilla. Also, has vegetables and legumes as garlic, tomato, eggplant, pepper, potato, artichoke, broad bean and onion. Definitely, you can’t spend some spectacular days in Mallorca without enjoying their delicious typical dishes.

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