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In Ses Fotges Hotel we think in each of our customers, that’s why we don’t forget the entertainment of children.

We know that when is a family trip, one of the things that most concerns parents are the fact that they can’t keep the kids entertained all the time. Also, we know most of the time the adults want to enjoy of their relaxing time, using the weekend to forget the troubles of the daily life and take advantage to share time alone with their partner. That’s why we’ve thought about in all details and we’ve created a schedule with full activities to keep children entertained all day.

Our animation team has a highly qualified staff to be in the care of their children, teaching them good habits and taking care of their personal hygiene. They are specialized in physical exercises, recreational and sports activities, and they know organize them according to the corresponding ages, so that parents can trust that their children will be in good hands.

Schedule of activities:

We have activities all day, the sevens days of the week, starting the first one at 10.30 am and the last one at 20.30 pm.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to start the day on the good way, thematic activities of different motives are carried out. Your children could live the experience of how they become in cowboys, pirates, superheroes, aliens or astronauts and or even in some character of his favorite Disney movie. This kind of activity will make them develop their creativity, playing to be what they want to be.

At the afternoons the activities will be more varied and educational, the kids will can develop artistic projects, organize their own Olympic games and become the winners of the Ses Fotges medal or entertain themselves with magic shows.

Thinking of the family enjoying, we organize activities to the kids can share a good time with their parents. Therefore, at midday we always have fun activities for everyone, which we call “Fun 4 All”, and during the day the ping pong, billiards and sjoelen tables are always available to our users.

On Saturdays we organize a super fun afternoon at the beach, where parents will not have to worry about the care of their children, because the animators are prepared to keep the maximum care of them, keeping the vigilance of each one so as not have accidents at sea. And also, they are more than willing to provide recreational activities so that their children keep having fun all the time.

All nights the children can enjoy expending time at the Kids Disco, where they can to interact with other kids, enjoy a good music, jump, dance and fun, all of this with the fantastic entertainment of one of our animators. And then, as a special activity, a Show will be presented so that the day ends with the best of energies and they are left wanting a lot more fun for the next day.

Ses Fotges Apartaments Hotel will make your child’s vacations unforgettable, as with each of these activities your children will feel like in a camp, learn new things, stay physically active and make new friends. All this while you relax and see them have fun happily.


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